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NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Script

NEX-Forms is the best Form Builder plugin for WordPress. It can be used to create simple to complex forms with tons of addons and features. It is the best WordPress form building software available on the planet.

Types of Forms which can be built with NEX-Forms

You can create nearly every kind of form for your WordPress site with NEX-Forms. Here is the list of all form builders which comes with NEX-Forms:

  • Builder to create Contact Forms
  • Builder to create Interactive Form
  • Form Builder for Cost Estimation
  • Builder to create PayPal Forms
  • Builder to create Quiz Forms
  • Form Builder for Booking
  • Builder for Application Form
  • Builder for Quick Question
  • Survey Forms
  • Form Builder for Contract
  • Builder for Sticky Forms
  • Builder for Popup Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Form Builder to take orders
  • Form Builder for Payment

Features of NEX-Forms

Analytics for Forms

Form Analytics provide stats such as views, form submissions, and interactions. Charts such as line, bar, pie are also included. Also, NEX provides geolocations from where interactions have come.

Cost Estimations with Math Logic

Cost calculations based on user selections can be done with Math Logic with custom formulas.

Fully responsive and Interactive Forms

NEX is fully responsive and can be scaled to any device. It shows a manner of conversion which helps your forms to interact with the users in real-time.

More than 50 form elements

You can make use of more than 50 fields styled with bootstrap with perfect precision.

Create Online questionnaire

Create online quizzes by multi-steps, math logic, and other logic to create online questions. Break steps into smaller so that your users can complete with ease.

Drag & Drop Elements

You can create stunning web online forms without writing any single line of code. Just drag and drop form elements just like playing solitare.

More than 70 super smooth animations

NEX contains more than 70 smooth animations that can catch users’ attention and increase conversion rates.

Autoresponder for Emails

Send emails to your users automatically and receive all information from forms with fully customizable data.

Exportable Storage for submissions

All your precious data is stored safely in your database which can be exported easily.

Sticky forms

You can easily create sticky forms which can be sliding on any side of your site.

Form Validation

Make fields of your forms required to validate such as Email, phone number, Text only, or number only.

Replicating or duplicating forms

With a single click, any form can be duplicated including original forms settings.


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