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Woocommerce Multi Currency Store v1.9.8


Woocommerce Multi Currency Store v1.9.8
TURN YOUR SINGLE CURRENCY STORE INTO A MULTI CURRENCY STORE! With the very nature of the web, your retailer is virtually open to the entire world so why not make the expertise extra satisfying and simpler to your guests however permitting them to view your retailer of their native foreign money.

The Woocommerce Multi Currency Plugin gives you all out control in including the same number of monetary forms as you need to your store and how the costs of your items are shown in every money. Include your monetary standards, set the cost of your items in that money or convert the base value utilizing a live or custom swapping scale and permit the guest to checkout in their neighborhood cash. It couldn’t be increasingly simpler to get Multi Currency arrangement in your store.


  • Add boundless monetary forms to your store Arrangement changed over costs effectively utilizing consequently organizing rules
  • Utilize live exchange rates from various inherent sources
  • Utilize your own custom trade rates Utilize a mix of both live and custom rates for monetary standards in your store
  • Use GeoIP to naturally set the guests money
  • Set custom costs for every cash for items Worked in cash switcher gadget
  • Let guests pick which cash they see your store in Checkout in the guests picked money
  • Pay in the guests picked money Spare the money costs when a request is put for future reference
  • View deals reports in every money

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Download Woocommerce Multi Currency Store v1.9.8


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