WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3

Wordpress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3 can post from almost any available website on the web to WordPress automatically. You can import content from any website including YouTube and Twitter by utilizing their APIs.

Post from Unlimited Sources

  1. Auto Posting from RSS feed
  2. Auto Posting from any WebPage
  3. From Any Website
  4. Auto Posting Amazon Products
  5. Auto Posting eBay Products
  6. Walmart Products
  7. Auto Posting from Envato
  8. Auto Posting from Craigslist
  9. CareerJet
  10. Auto Posting from Facebook
  11. Auto Posting from Twitter
  12. Instagram
  13. Auto Posting from Instagram
  14. Auto Posting from Pinterest
  15. YouTube Posting
  16. Auto Posting from Soundcloud
  17. And Many More

WordPress Automatic Features

Article Auto Posting on WordPress

You can auto-post articles to WordPress. The plugin can search on  for your inserted keywords and post on auto-pilot with your matching query.

Auto Posting from Feeds

Post on Auto-pilot with this plugin by checking the specified feeds regularly and post new items regularly.

Search and Replace Text

This plugin can be used to search and replace the string or text.

Extract Tags and Categories

The original tags and categories can be found using CSS id/class and added automatically on the post.

Skip Non-English, No Content, No Images Posts

WordPress Automatic has some options to skip these types of posts including Non-English, No Content, and No Images.

Auto Posting from Clickbank

Want to promote some Clickbank offers then simply import them using this plugin.

Automated Posting from YouTube

You can post videos from YouTube automatically with the help of WordPress Automatic.  Post from specific channel and playlist. You can Post relevant content such as specified language and country.

Internal Cron job

Set and forget by specifying the interval for each campaign. WordPress automatic Plugin supports posting automatically based on the internal WordPress Cron job

Free updates

WordPress Automatic Plugin gets updated with new versions as developers keep improving the plugin.

Automatic keyword hyper-linking and Link Stripping

The content gets automatically hyperlinked with the matched keyword and specified link. You can strip all links from the original content before posting on your website.

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